Conference  /  11. Oktober 2017  -  13. Oktober 2017

Competitiveness in Lithium Industry

Lithium, a key element for glasses and ceramics, has also become critical to the energy transition driven by the rapid development of new energy storage solutions and the emergence of electric vehicles.

Although the demand is continuously growing (2 to 3% per year), only few suppliers are present on this strategic market, most of them focussing on salars exploitation and none of them being European. As more players intend to position themselves in this difficult context, all lithium resources should be evaluated regardless of their origin. Indeed, the competitiveness of each resource will strongly depend on matching the resources with processing technologies, and ultimately on matching the resulting lithium products with their dedicated applications.

This match-making event aims at discussing the whole lithium value chain: market, sources, extraction, uses, applications, recycling, etc., during two lunch-to-lunch days:

  • the first day is dedicated to ore types and other resources, more sustainable and efficient strategies for extraction, as well as new innovative extraction processes for lithium sources of all origins (waters, soft and hard rock);
  • the second day is dedicated to major applications such as glass, ceramics, and batteries, and to respective recycling routes with focus on regaining the lithium content.

These two days will be interspersed with diners, the visit of the Fraunhofer R&D Center for Electromobility Bavaria, and several moments dedicated to discussion with the intention to bring answers across the different sectors to all representatives of the lithium value chain.