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Groundbreaking ceremony in Alzenau

on may, 24th 2017

Welcome to the Fraunhofer Project Group Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies IWKS in Alzenau and Hanau

The scarcity of resources is a major topic in the economic and social development of industrialised nations. That‘s why we want to improve resource and energy efficiency wherever possible. This includes an optimised allocation (of resources). We focus on this future-oriented task through research and development on new recycling technologies and substitutes
for scarce raw materials and materials. Our goal is to make materials and valuable substances recyclable. In close collaboration with our partners, we develop innovative separation and sorting methods, treatment procedures as well as new resource-efficient products that secure a technological advance for our customers. Cutting-edge scientific and technological knowledge is realized in sustainable applications and products customised
for best economic and technical viability.

Our core competencies are concentrated in three business divisions:

• Secondary Materials
• Functional Materials
• Strategies and Network




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Current activity / 15.9.2017

Survey on information sources on critical raw materials

Educating the next generation of materials experts on how to sustainably manage critical raw materials is of vital importance. The EIT project SusCritMat on “Sustainable Management of Critical Raw Materials” would like to get your contributions in an online survey. 

Please contribute to our survey.

Groundbreaking ceremony in Hanau

On june, 14th 2017 the groundbreaking ceremony for the new construction of the Fraunhofer Project Group IWKS will take place. A functional, modern and prestigious new building will be built at the location Hanau. On 2,600 square meters of usable space, high-quality laboratory and technical rooms, workshops as well as additional office space will be created.

Groundbreaking ceremony on May 24th

A new, functional, modern and prestigious new building will be set up for the Fraunhofer project group for recyclable materials and resource strategy IWKS at the Alzenau site. On an area of ​​2,400 square meters, high-quality laboratory and technical rooms, an atrium and conference rooms, as well as additional office space as a new main building are being built.

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Stauber hands over the VDI Prize for Plastics Prize 2017

The VDI-Trainee award Plastic technology 2017 was awarded on 29th March 2017 by the VDI Plastics Technology Department for the best finishing work with regard to plastics technology with regard to the automotive industry. The award went to Lisa-Maria Wittmann M.Sc. For her master's thesis at the Technical Faculty of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg on the subject of "Investigations on sewing welding of endless-fiber-reinforced, semi-finished thermoplastics".


Fraunhofer lighthouse project: »Critical rare earths«

Mobility would be at a standstill without electric motors and their powerful permanent magnets. These owe their useful magnetic properties to the chemical elements neodymium and dysprosium, which belong to the group of rare earths. Sometimes called critical raw materials, nobody is sure whether the supply of rare earths will hold out in the medium and long term. But ensuring that these raw materials remain available on the world market is far from easy, and prices have been rising steadily for years. One of the factors affecting the expansion of emerging technologies is having these prized resources available in sufficient quantities. This is why Fraunhofer researchers in the »critical rare earths« lighthouse project are working on technologies to process rare earths more efficiently, reuse them or to find suitable substitutes.



Nicole Lemmer
Project Management Marketing and Communication

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