Fraunhofer Research Institution for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies IWKS

Keeping resources in circulation

This is the aim of the research work of Fraunhofer IWKS. Avoiding waste by recovering and recycling valuable raw materials or replacing them with sustainable alternatives. The implementation of developments in industry is an important goal of the research work.

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Postponed to March 2021

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Current projects

Current projects of Fraunhofer IWKS

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Recycling of batteries, fuel cells and PV modules

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Welcome to Fraunhofer Research Institution for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies IWKS

We stand for the responsible use of resources. For the use of resources - not consumption. Recovering recyclable materials from a product cycle and reintroducing them into a new cycle. This is the goal of our research.  

In particular, the targeted energy revolution, the mobility revolution and digitization are accompanied by an increased demand for specific raw materials, without which the respective technological functionalities cannot be realized. Together with industrial partners, we are developing efficient processes and technologies for the responsible use of the earth's resources.

Accessibility in times of Corona

The corona pandemic presents us all with major challenges. In order to slow down the spread of the virus and to protect the health of everyone, the majority of the IWKS team now works in the home office. We can be reached there by phone or e-mail and try to keep restrictions on project work to a minimum.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to a further successful cooperation.

Stay healthy.

Research Fields

If you have any questions about materials science and resources - please do not hesitate to contact us

Selected research projects

"AutoBatRec2020": Smart Recycling of Waste Traction Batteries from Electric Vehicles – EU Funding for New Resource-Efficient Solution


"AutoBatRec2020": Smart Recycling of Waste Traction Batteries from Electric Vehicles


Materials for sustainable tandem solar cells with extremely high conversion efficiency

Lighthouse project MaNiTU


Research projects

Latest press releases


1st Online Workshop on Sustainable Thermoelectrics

First Online Workshop on Sustainable Thermoelectrics
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Fraunhofer IWKS establishes Center for Dismantling and Recycling for Electromobility in Hanau

In Hanau, a sustainable Center for Dismantling and Recycling - Electromobility (German: Zentrum für Demontage und Recycling – Elektromobilität ZDR-EMIL) is being established as part of Fraunhofer IWKS since April 2020 and made available to regional companies from Hesse.
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Fraunhofer IWKS Starts Project “BReCycle” on Efficient Recycling of Fuel Cells

Currently, there is no industrial recycling process tailored to fuel cells. As part of the "BReCycle" project, a research consortium is now developing a recycling management concept specifically for PEM fuel cells.
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Sustainability from molecule to industrial application

In times of increasing pressure on industry and politics with regard to environmental protection and resource efficiency, science and research are called upon to make their contribution and find joint answers to some of the world's most challenging technologi-cal tasks. The newly established conference "ICRC - International Conference on Re-source Chemistry" from March 23 to 24, 2020 in Darmstadt makes a decisive contribu-tion to this topic by bringing together leading scientists from a wide range of disciplines.
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