Comprehensive and customer-specific consulting with selection or development of analysis methods suitable for your questions and material systems.


Fraunhofer IWKS works with first-class, state-of-the-art analytical methods. The offer ranges from contract analysis and accompanying process control to special, customer-specific analytical questions. The analyses helps companies to identify material flows, optimize manufacturing processes and characterize material flows.

Your advantages:

  • Selection of analysis methods suitable for your questions and material systems
  • Individual pricing and full transparency of analysis packages
  • Involvement of customers during the analysis process, including live on-site analyses and discussion of findings
  • Evaluation and evaluation of results in report form with Fraunhofer quality standard
  • Possibility of further consulting and optimization of processes, for example in material development

Establishing new processes

Material systems

Your requirement is to


  • characterize demanding or new materials or material systems?
  • produce new material systems?

Optimizing existing production processes

Process analysis

Your requirement is to


  • check your parameters during the manufacturing process or question established processes with the goal of process optimization?
  • benefit from accompanying process control throughout the entire life cycle from development to recycling of your material/product?

Characterizing material flows

Material flows

Your requirement is to


  • analyse the composition of your different material flows and identify the value or environmentally relevant substances they contain?
  • reduce disposal costs by quantifying environmentally relevant or recyclable materials?
  • determine material properties?