Recyclate analytics

We qualify recyclates and create the basis for the development of sustainable recycling concepts


The annual waste volume in Germany is more than 400 million tons. At the same time, people in Germany consume three times as many raw materials as can be covered by natural resources.

In order to return waste flows back into production in a value-adding manner, we qualify material flows along the material life cycle and thus create the basis for developing sustainable recycling concepts for metallic, mineral and bio-based recyclates such as magnets, battery cells, plant residues from the food and agricultural industries, construction waste, slag and ashes.

We create standards and define the requirements for recyclates for reuse. In this way we contribute to the realisation of a closed loop recycling economy.

Your advantage

  • Access to state-of-the-art methods
  • Result documentation and evaluation with Fraunhofer quality standard

Your benefit

  • Optimization of your cost structure by reducing waste, reuse of recyclates in the production process, reduction of disposal costs
  • Development of new products and recovery routes from your recyclates
  • Definition of requirements for products and manufacturing processes for recycling


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Establishing new processes

Material systems

Your requirement is to


  • characterize demanding or new materials or material systems?
  • produce new material systems?

Optimizing existing production processes

Process analysis

Your requirement is to


  • check your parameters during the manufacturing process or question established processes with the goal of process optimization?
  • benefit from accompanying process control throughout the entire life cycle from development to recycling of your material/product?

Characterizing material flows

Material flows

Your requirement is to


  • analyse the composition of your different material flows and identify the value or environmentally relevant substances they contain?
  • reduce disposal costs by quantifying environmentally relevant or recyclable materials?
  • determine material properties?

Portfolio along the material life cycle

Microscopy and nanoanalysis

Chemical and structural analysis

Analysis of material properties