Scientific Manager

Oliver Gutfleisch is Professor of Functional Materials at the Technical University of Darmstadt and Scientific Director of Fraunhofer IWKS in Hanau. He deals with new materials for energy-efficient technologies, magnetic materials and materials engineering. One focus of his work is the development of innovative materials and the substitution of very rare and expensive raw materials and materials at element, process and product level. The focus is on permanent magnets with drastically reduced rare earth content, for example for use in electric motors and wind turbines, as well as on the development of rare earth-free permanent magnetic and magnetocaloric materials.

Professor Gutfleisch has published over 370 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals and has been invited more than 200 times as a speaker at scientific conferences. Internationally he is involved in numerous scientific advisory bodies, including EU ERAMIN (Network on the Industrial Handling of Raw Materials for European Industries), EU ERECON (European Rare Earths Competency Network), TMS Magnetic Materials Committee and the IEEE Magnetics Society. He has held visiting professorships at Imperial College London, the Chinese Academy of Science NIMTE Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering in Ningbo and the CNRS Grenoble. Gutfleisch is speaker of the DGM Functional Materials Committee.

Since autumn 2017 he is visiting professor at the University of Parma, in April 2017 he received an ERC Advanced Grant (Cool Innov) and in September 2018 the DGM Award 2018.


Invited Talks

Prof. Dr. Liselotte Schebek heads the Department of Material Flow Management and Resource Management at the faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and is also Scientific Director of Fraunhofer IWKS. Her research interests lie at the interface of environmental, construction and infrastructure research in the engineering sciences with systems analytical modelling, with a focus on material flow analyses, life cycle assessment and scenario techniques. Prof. Schebek leads numerous research projects on the analysis of environmental and sustainability aspects of new technologies, the evaluation of energy and resource efficiency with the development of indicators, and environmental services. Liselotte Schebek is a member of the Energy Science and Engineering Graduate School, in which she coordinates the Cross-Sectional Research Platform "Assessment Methods" and participates in the Technology Platform "Building integration and energy self-sustaining settlement".

Curriculum Vitae

University education
1990 Doctorate (Dr. rer. nat.) at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (as research assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry / Dept. Biogeochemistry)
1976-1983 Studied chemistry at Darmstadt Technical University (degree: Dipl.-Ing.)
Professional activities
since 2016 Scientific Director of the "Recyclable Materials Cycles" Division of the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies IWKS
since 2013 University Professor and Head of the Department of Material Flow Management and Resource Management, IWAR Institute, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Darmstadt University of Technology
2000-2013 University Professor and Head of the Department of Industrial Material Cycles, IWAR Institute, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Darmstadt Technical University
1999-2012 Head of the Central Department of Technology-related Material Flows, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT (since 2008 Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis ITAS of the Karlsruhe Research Centre)
1990-1999 Project Manager Lahmeyer International, Frankfurt (since 1998 ERM Lahmeyer International, Niederrad)
1987-1990 Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz
1983-1987 Research Fellow Öko-Institut e. V., Office Darmstadt
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