Networks - Regional

Regional networks of Fraunhofer IWKS


Fraunhofer Research Institution for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies IWKS participates with the following regional networks.

REZregio Untermain


The Bavarian Resource Efficiency Center REZ supports enterprises and stakeholders through information and networking services as well as an active dialogue. Among the major goals are the sensitization of small and medium sized businesses for ressource efficient production, motivation to take action accordingly and deliver a platform for knowledge transfer between enterprises, scientists, politicians and other protagonists in the field. Fraunhofer IWKS in Alzenau advocates for concerns within the Untermain region as REZregio partner.


"Ressourcen-Cluster Rhein-Main" – a cluster for resource efficiency in the Rhine-Main area


The Rhine-Main area is one of Europe’s economically and scientifically most relevant metropolitan regions. “Ressourcen-Cluster Rhein-Main” is intended to become the central hub concerning the handling of resources in the Rhine-Main area. It connects partners from industry, academic sciences, professional unions and politics and aims to create innovative solutions for efficient resource handling within the region.

Fraunhofer Center for Applied Research Resource Efficiency – ARess

In a collaboration with Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, Fraunhofer IWKS initiated a Fraunhofer Center for Applied Research on resource-efficient design of functional devices, processes and prodcuts - „ARess“.


Umweltcluster Bayern

Umweltcluster Bayern connects institutions of the Bavarian environmental economy, science/academia, communal businesses and administration. Representatives of private businesses, research and development, services, technical planning, private and public investors as well as media and communication services are connected via Umweltcluster Bayern. In 2016, the network organized a showcase day at Fraunhofer IWKS in Alzenau.

Cluster Neue Werkstoffe – Cluster New Functional Materials

The Bavarian Cluster Neue Werkstoffe is a major platform for communication and exchange of information around New Functional Materials. Following the philosophy that resource-efficient solutions start with the design and production of intelligent functional materials, Fraunhofer IWKS was established as to drive innovations in this field.

Competency Network Environment and Technology - KNUT (Mittelhessen)


Central-Hessian businesses in the field of environmental technology are invited to participate in the KNUT network. It comprises producers, machine- and plant engineers and planners as well as academic research and development instiutions. Fraunhofer IWKS has been a member with KNUT e.V. since 2015.

Sustainable Management Circle - shaping sustainability together

Sustainable Management Circle is a sustainability network that gives organisations the opportunity to implement sustainability in an efficient and cost-effective way. It brings together regional players in the Untermain region, Bavaria, who have made sustainability one of their business objectives. The central goal is the implementation of sustainability in companies in the region and a responsible way of action in our society. To achieve this, the network for example conciliates experts in the field of sustainability, organizes workshops and encourages the exchange of ideas between the various stakeholders.