Our portfolio is divided into three divisions


Your challenges are

Biobased raw materials

  • High requirements on quality for the raw materials
  • Bio based raw materials have to be isolated and reprocessed from a surrounding matrix
  • Handling of secondary reaction products
  • Adaptation or new solutions of physical and chemical processes for separation and reprocessing necessary
  • Security of supply and quality of the raw materials

Your challenges are

Pollutant removal and recovery of nutrient/ recycling concepts

  • High volumes of media that have to be treated
  • High diversity of dissolved and particulate compounds in a wide range of concentrations
  • Excessive entry of phosphates and nitrates in surface and ground waters

Efficient use of raw materials

Resource recovery and removal of pollutants from waste water, ash, biomass, sludge

  • Consulting and evaluation of "best practices"
  • Scaling new and existing technologies
  • Material characterization
  • Development of adsorption materials


Obtaining biobased fibers from by-products / process waste from the food industry

The Fraunhofer IWKS develops new ways of use of Biogenic polymers in composites, lacquers, medical products.


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News from the department



Closure of industrial material cycles by new electrochemical fluidized bed reactors


current project

From the baby nappy to the raw material

Every wound baby causes about 1 tonne of garbage in the course of his compress period. A substantial portion in the urban domestic waste which is not biodegradable and stays up to several Hundred years in the garbage dump. Further the incontinence products, which come by adults and not least also sanitary products of women. Really approx. 8,500,000 tonnes...

From phosphorus recyclate to long time available fertilizer

Current project

The further development of recovered phosphate from the bioleaching of sewage sludge ash is the goal of the PRiL-project. Based on the biochemical P-bac® process of the Fritzmeier Company the recovered phosphate will be turned into a ready to use fertilizer product. A special emphasis is also on the recycling of the process water, the further use of the leached ash and the recovery of metals from the leaching solution. The process will be scaled up to a “mini-plant” scale.


current project

High-performance biomass extracted functional hybrid polymer coatings

The Hyperbiocoat project aims to develop a biobased and biodegradable coating for biobased packagings to improve their properties. A second goal is the development of processing technology to apply this coating over a wide range of rigid and flexible packaging. Duration: 36 month, Sep 2016 - Sep 2019


ElPhoDia - Phosphorus Separation and Recovery with Diamond Electrodes

The aim of the project is the removal of complex phosphorus compounds from industrial process effluents with simultaneous phosphorus recovery through the use of boron-doped diamond electrodes and suitable precipitants or adsorbents.


Position paper

Bioplastics: We point out facts and take a stand

Bioplastics are often associated with sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. However, bioplastics are not just bioplastics. And do bioplastics have the potential to replace conventional plastics as sustainable alternatives?