Energy Materials

Securing a sustainable, affordable supply of energy by readily available, cost-effective and environmentally friendly methods

Energy Materials



Batteries and PV-modules

Energy revolution, electric mobility, and the constantly rising demand for energy storage require for solar cells and batteries of different types and sizes. Especially highly efficient Li-Ion-batteries show a strong increase in the market.



  • lamp sorting
  • Innovative lamp recycling
  • Recovery of critical materials from modern light sources


Production of 3-dimensional light weight parts with multilayer structure consisting of a polyurethane core and surface layers of fiber composite.

One of the biggest challenges of our time is securing a sustainable, affordable supply of energy by readily available, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly methods. Resource availability is a growing challenge with regard to the rapid growth of renewable energy sources and electric mobility, the generation of light and necessary weight reduction in all fields of mobility makes. Our focus lies on the optimization of recycling methods, and new substitutes for strategic materials for more efficient production processes for energy conversion, storage, and saving. We conceive individual strategies for a sustainable handling with materials and energy.

Therefore we develop efficient recovery processes for critical materials in the field of batteries, PV modules, and lighting products. Furthermore we are researching alternative solutions for the substitution of common materials and develop new tailor-made concepts for recyclable products together with you.

In the field of lightweight technologies we offer you a modern RTM-process (Resin transfer molding) for the production of extreme light 3-dimensional components of PU-foam and coatings with special properties (bionic surface structures).

Besides particular production and analysis methods we offer you criticality studies, market studies and sustainability assessment. Our aim is to close materials cycles, to give access to secondary raw materials and to point out sustainable alternatives for a better environment.

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Resource-saving recovery of valuable battery materials to reuse them for new batteries

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Energy storage with high-voltage batteries for the rapid implementation of electromobility in Europe