Energy Materials

One of the greatest challenges of our time is to secure a sustainable and affordable energy supply through easily available, affordable and environmentally friendly methods. The steady growth of renewable energies and electromobility, the generation of light and the necessary weight reduction in all areas of mobility make the availability of resources a constant challenge. The focus is on intelligent recycling processes, efficient material recycling and sustainable cycle concepts for strategic materials for energy conversion, storage and saving. Fraunhofer IWKS develops individual strategies for the sustainable use of materials and energy. To this end, we develop efficient recovery processes for critical materials in the fields of batteries, PV modules and lighting. Together with you, we develop alternative solutions to conventional materials and recyclable product designs.



Batteries and PV-modules

The market for modern energy conversion and storage systems is growing rapidly. The IWKS develops concepts and processes for the recycling of valuable materials from lithium-ion batteries, photovoltaic systems and fuel cells.



Modern light sources such as fluorescent lamps and LEDs contain rare earths and other valuable materials. At the Fraunhofer IWKS, these lamps are sorted out of the waste stream and processed for specific materials.