Materials Technology

Development and optimization of materials for your specific application with regard to an intelligent use of raw materials

Materials Technology

Diminishing resource capacities are of major importance regarding the development of technical materials for high-end applications. Limited resources not only strongly affect the price but also a continuous supply with the desired raw materials is at risk. Hence, the use of primary raw materials should be kept at minimum level or even completely eliminated. In consultation with you the competence field Materials Technologie in the Fraunhofer Project Group for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies IWKS develops and optimizes materials for your specific application with regard to an intelligent use of raw materials. For this our project group is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art facilities, covering a broad spectrum of materials processing technologies. Our portfolio ranges from classical heat treatment, melting of alloys in an arc furnace to generation of amorphous or nanocrystalline structures by rapid solidification or hydrogen treatment.

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Heat treatment

Many material properties and thus the application depend on their thermal history. The Fraunhofer Project Group IWKS develops resource-efficient heat treatment procedures for materials optimization.


Materials with nanocrystalline and amorphous structures

The Fraunhofer Project Group IWKS develops rapidly solidified materials with nanocrystalline and amorphous structures.


Manufacturing powders

Manufacturing powders of hard materials and oxide powders as well as rare earth element alloys with advanced target and jet milling techniques belongs to the competences of the Fraunhofer IWKS.


Melting of alloys

The Fraunhofer Project Group IWKS has the ability to melt alloys and high melting precious metals in an inductively heated melting furnace or an arc melter in vacuum or under different inert atmospheres.


Hydrogen treatment

The Fraunhofer Project Group IWKS possess miscellaneous equipment to expose alloys or entire composite bodies to hydrogen of various pressures and temperatures.


Molding Processes

In order to produce a dense shaped body from powders, the Fraunhofer project group IWKS uses various molding processes.