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Networks of Fraunhofer Research Institution for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies IWKS. The installation and management of scientific networks is an essential strategic building block of Fraunhofer IWKS work. We are connected to regional, national and international networks dedicated to a sustainable exploitation of precious resources and energy.



Fraunhofer IWKS is based in the economic metropolitan Rhein-Main area which enables efficient connections to regional partners from high-tech businesses, academia and research institutions. We aim to bundle the applied knowledge present to specific networks and use it to tailor technical and strategic solutions for regional partners and customers.



Germany is a globally recognized innovation site, however, its economy strongly depends on imports with respect to (critical) resources. In order to maintain the technological innovation rate and reduce dependencies we follow the strategy to gather national competencies for the common benefit. Fraunhofer IWKS acquires collaborative ideas and solutions with partners from academia, research institutions, industry, logistics, professional associations and politics.



Sustainable use of resources is a global topic. Thus, we are also participating in international networks and offer consultancy and solutions on global questions/problems concerning the efficient use and acquaintance of precious resources.

Memberships in networks/ associations

A list of all networks with active and past memberships.