Fraunhofer IWKS is actively shaping awareness of resource conservation in the region. Bundling knowledge in networks and offering customized solutions for the region's stakeholders is the goal of networking.



As a high-tech and innovation location, Germany has a high demand for (critical) raw materials and is dependent on imports. In order to maintain its technological leadership and keep dependencies as low as possible, it is extremely important to bundle national competencies. Together with universities, colleges, research institutions, industry, logistics, associations and politics, Fraunhofer IWKS is developing solutions.



Worldwide, the use of raw materials has been rising steadily for years, and measured by the growth of the world's population and global economic growth, the demand for raw materials will continue to increase strongly.
The sustainable use of our resources is a global issue. On an international level, Fraunhofer IWKS also offers solutions and answers to global questions on the efficient use and turnover of resources.


Networked colleges and universities

Through close cooperation with colleges and universities, Fraunhofer demonstrates findings from basic research to pilot scale, making them available to industry.