Networks - National

Fraunhofer IWKS' national networks


Fraunhofer Research Institution for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies IWKS participates with the following networks inside Germany.


Together with Fraunhofer IWKS four leading research institutions in the field of raw materials established the new collaborative project „German Resource Research Institute“ (GERRI). Financially supported by the federal ministry for education and research (BMBF) the network is meant to strengthen future German research on raw materials.

German Phosphorus Platform - Deutsche Phosphor Plattform e. V. (DPP)

Dedicated to a sustainable use of the precious element phosphorus the association Deutsche Phosphor-Plattform e.V. brings together know-how and protagonists from corresponding industrial, public and private institutions containing production, research and logistics centers. According to its main competencies in resource strategies, recycling and substitution, Fraunhofer IWKS develops recovery processes for phosphorus and related resources.

Fraunhofer Lead Project "Criticality of Rare Earths"

For future mobility and sustainable energy supply, electrical engines and powerful permanent magnets are essential. The rare chemical elements neodym and dysprosium are responsible for the beneficial magnetic properties of these devices. Together with other Fraunhofer institutions Fraunhofer IWKS develops new technologies for increasing the efficiency of primary production processes, enabling secondary use or the replacement with non-critical materials with similar properties.

Resource Efficiency - NeRess

The NeRess network agglomerates interdisciplinary expertise and applied know-how on efficient production processes, innovative products and management strategies amongst various protagonists.