Separation and Sorting Technologies



Physical processing

  • Processing and sorting methods for materials and waste streams with complex structures and compositions
  • Electrohydraulic fragmentation
  • Impact crusher
  • Modular sorting plant
  • Laboratory equipment

Chemical processing

  • Development of chemical separation technologies
  • Recovery of valuable materials by gas phase reactions
  • Leaching and extraction processes





Currently under construction


Biological processing

  • Development of bioleaching processes for the recovery of metals from magnetic materials, slags, ashes or electronic waste

Recycling and recovery of critical materials

The scarcity of resources has become a central topic for the economic and social development of industrial countries. The sustainable supply of raw materials is essential for the industry and is becoming increasingly important, especially concerning certain rare elements, which are necessary for many technological products such as smartphones.

Research and development of new recycling technologies for these materials will be a main task for the future of industrial societies. Currently, only a few efficient recycling methods exist for the separation or recovery of critical elements in low concentrations, e. g. in electronic devices.

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Current project


On the 20th of July 2017 the partners of the project „DISPLAY - Upscale of material Recovery from display Applications and Printed Circuit Boards“ met at the Fraunhofer Project Group IWKS for the kick of meeting...

Former projects



Modular process chain for the decentralized recovery of selected technology metals.