Magnetic Materials

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  • Measurement of magnetic properties
  • Structural analysis
  • Chemical analysis
  • Magnetic force and electron microscopy
  • Determination of corrosion behaviour

Manufacturing processes

Development of optimized methods for the production of

  • Sintered magnets
  • Hot-deformed magnets

Recycling of permanent magnets

Development of technologies for the recycling of

  • Scrap magnets
  • Process waste
  • Components containing magnets

Development of technologies for an efficient dismantling of magnets from components and devices

Essential for wide-ranging industrial applications

Magnetic materials are essential for wide-ranging industrial applications. Due to current ambitions to develop an energy as well as resource efficient society the requirements for magnetic materials concerning magnetic properties and especially energy density are increasing. For high-tech applications (smartphones, computers, etc.), applications for renewable energies (wind power generators) and electric vehicles (electric motors) high-performance magnetic materials like Nd-Fe-B are necessary. Due to their high energy product they are for the time being not substitutable by alternative magnetic materials. Rare earth elements used for the production of Nd-Fe-B magnets are therefore of great strategic importance.


To secure a sustainable supply of our industries with high performance permanent magnets and the raw materials used for their production we address the following subjects:

  • Recycling technologies for End of Life-magnets and post-industrial scrap
  • Substitution of critical elements (in particular rare earths)
  • Resource strategies for magnetic materials

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The project:

Establishing a Hessian value chain for magnetic materials made from rare earths

Research projects

Upscaling of a strip-cast-process for HRE-lean magnet grades


High-performance magnetic materials based on SmCo and CoFe for highly efficient electric automotive engines and aircraft engines


EU-Project EREAN

Innovative RE-use and reCycling VALue chain for High-Power-Magnets (RECVAL.HPM)


Rare Earths Global Industries and New Applications (REGINA)

Former projects

Fraunhofer-Project "Kritikalität Seltener Erden"