Research for the industry




Are you working in the field of bio-based raw materials, pollutant removal and nutrient extraction or nutrient recycling concepts? Then do not hesitate to contact us!


Material Flow Management

Development and assessment of material flow management concepts for the optimization of production routes and waste valorization based on various criteria


Urban Mining

Technologies for the recycling of mineral by-products and composite materials


Separation and Sorting Technologies

Development of physical, chemical and biological methods for the recovery of valuable materials


Magnetic Materials

Magnetic materials

  • Analytics
  • Production
  • Recycling
  • Studies on resource management

Energy Materials

Development of improved recycling processes, more efficient production methods and sustainable substitutes for strategic energy materials



Support of development and technology processes through state-of-the-art analytical measuring methods in the field of functional materials and secondary materials


Materials Technology

Development and optimization of materials for your specific application against the background of resource efficiency