Session 4

Circular Economy

The session is dedicated to the framework conditions and challenges of circular economy. Contributions should provide in-depth analysis to one or several of the following research questions: Taking the goals of resource recovery, climate mitigation but also environmental protection by end-of-life management, what are status quo and perspectives of present waste management systems – national, sectoral, regional? Which data, indicators and tools are needed to monitor the performance of waste management systems? Which material flows are the preferred ones to target in order to meet the overarching goals of circular economy? How can economic efficiency of circular economy be enhanced and which stakeholders should be involved?



Technical University Berlin

Prof. Dr. Vera Susanne Rotter

"Incinerating, recycling, decarbonizing? – plastics in the circular economy“


Fraunhofer LBF

Dr. Elke Metzsch-Zilligen

"Circular economy: A new generation of stabilizers for high quality polyolefin recyclates“


TU Darmstadt

Prof. Dr. Liselotte Schebek

"How to Assess Resource Efficiency of Circular Economy?“



Université de Bordeaux

Prof. Guido Sonnemann

"Recommendations for supporting the development and take-up of sustainable chemical products and materials in the context of a circular economy based on Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment"