Materials technology

Melting of alloys

Alloys, high melting precious metals and special materials are melted in an inductively heated melting and casting furnace in vacuum or under protective atmosphere and air. For further processing the melt can be casted into special moulds or granulated in a water bath.

The raw materials can be fused and alloyed in oxidic curcibles (e. g. Al2O3 and ZrO2) with nominal volumes from 250 ml to 1500 ml. Capable of processing are among others highly purified and high-alloyed steels and precious metals such as platinum, gold and silver, as well as iron-, nickel- and cobalt-based alloys.

The cast of the melt into supercooled copper moulds can take place under identical atmosphere as the melting process. For this purpose five moulds are available, which can be moved by a linear feedthrough in the furnace chamber. The moulds are filled by a manual tilting of the crucible. The melting temperature in the crucible is determined by a pyrometer. Using a modified construction of the furnace the melt can be poured in a heated funnel and granulated in a waterbath. The waterbath is separated from the furnace chamber by a nozzle with the result that the alloy is fused and poured under inert atmosphere. In addition, the crucible can be equipped with an appliance for recharging under protective gas, which allows a continuous processing.