Batteries and PV-modules

Energy revolution, electric mobility and the constantly rising demand for energy storage require for solar cells and batteries of different types and sizes. Especially highly efficient Li-Ion-batteries show a strong increase in the market. To meet growing material requirements we develop sustainable concepts for resource conservation, saving and recovering. PV-modules and batteries belong to the continually expanding product areas. These products present valuable elements and compounds, for their recovery we develop innovative processes.

Our aim is a gentle separation of the different fractions to enable the recovery of materials with high purity.

We investigate and develop different comminution, separation and chemical treatment processes for the processing of batteries PV-modules and offer appropriate analysis of materials and components in all process steps.


Research focus


  • Innovative separation processes for complex compounds (Electrohydraulic fragmentation)
  • Wet chemical separation processes
  • Separation and purification of recyclable materials via gas phase reaction von
  • Biological processes for tje accumulation of critical elements (bioleaching)
  • Processing of functional materials

Battery recycling - current challenges and solution approaches

Rechargeable batteries are used in a wide variety of applications and are becoming increasingly important. The Fraunhofer Project Group IWKS shows current challenges and solutions for optimizing the recycling of high-performance batteries.


Closing the Value Chain in electromobility