Processing and use of by-products / process waste of the food industry

The increasing use of bio-based raw materials in various sectors in the industry provides access to prominent growth markets. The utilisation of these materials is decreasingly limited to an energetic use and comprises bio composite materials, cellulose based polymers including nano-cellulose and bio refineries of the 3rd generation. The sources for bio based raw materials are vegetable wastes from the food industry and agriculture. But also crops are grown especially for technical use. Keys for a successful use are the isolation, reprocessing of and a quality management for the relevant raw materials.


Our solutions


  • Development of processes for the recovery of natural fibres from by-products of the food industry
  • Enzymatic degradation as a tool for the recovery of fibresmaterials from their matrix
  • Development of biogenic adhesion agents between fibres and matrices in compound materials
  • Development of biodegradable coatings for fertilisers with a controlled nutrient release
  • Analysis and evaluation of mass flows and development of resource efficient technologic improvements
  • Compilation of environmental performance evaluation