Session 6

Polymer-based and Renewable Organics

Polymer materials are widespread in the packaging industry as well as the basis of everyday as well as industrial products. The production of this important materials class from renewable ressources, biomass or waste is one of the key challenges for improved sustainability. Further, biodegradability has to be balanced with product requirements such as barrier functions, mechanical stability etc. In this session the generation of sustainable polymer materials as well as the production and application of organic compounds from waste streams and other renewable ressources will be discussed.

Session Chairs


Fraunhofer ICT, Institutsleiter

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Elsner


Fraunhofer IWKS

Prof. Dr. Anke Krüger



Prof. Dr. Bohumil Kasal

„Materials from renewable resources – are they really sustainable?“


Prof. Dr. Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum

„On our way towards a climate-positive circular economy“


Dr. Stefan Hanstein

„Hemicelluloses from food processing residues as a feedstock for bio-based coatings“



Jan Neuber

„A Circular Economy view based on upcycling by-products“