Prof. Dr. Anke Krüger

Curriculum vitae

Anke Krueger is professor of organic chemistry at the Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg. She studied chemistry at the universities in Braunschweig, Germany and Bordeaux, France. She completed her PhD with Henning Hopf at Technical University Braunschweig in the field of hydrocarbon chemistry before going to Japan to work with carbon materials under the guidance of Prof. Eiji Osawa. When returning to Germany she started a junior research group at the Otoo Diels Institute for Organic Chemistry at Kiel University. 

In 2008 she moved to Wuerzburg where she heads the nanocarbon materials group. Her research interests include the synthesis and characterization of carbon nanomaterials from sustainable sources as well as applications of these materials for photocatalysis, CO2 utilization, biomedicine and energy storage.