Transversal field pressing


  • powdered magnetic alloys (magnetic powder, sintered powder)


  • Alignment of magnetic powders in the transversal field
  • Simultaneous hydraulic compression / compression in the axial direction
  • Production of anisotropic compacts for the production of sintered magnets
  • Production of plastic bonded magnets


Technical equipment/data

  • electromagnet
    • adjustable pole shoes with max. 150 mm pole distance
    • magnetic flux density: up to approx. 2.8 T at 10 mm pole distance
    • Water cooling for several minutes
  • Manual 2-column laboratory press PW 10 S
    • Maximum pressing force: 130 kN
    • Additional second manometer for reproducible small pressing forces
    • Heatable pressing tool up to 300 ° C and Ø 8 mm
    • specially prepared press tools in different sizes from 10x10x10 mm to 40x40x40 mm (larger dimensions possible, but reduction of the flow density)