Materials technology

Manufacturing powders

Magnetic field press


  • powdery magnetic alloys (magnetic powder, sintering powder)


  • alignment of magnetic powders in a transverse field
  • simultaneous hydraulic pressing in axial direction
  • production of anisotropic pellets for sintered magnets
  • production of plastic bonded magnets

Technical equipment:      

  • Electromagnet:
    • continuous adjustable pole pieces with 150 mm max. pole gap
    • magnetic flux densitiy: up to 2,8 T at 10 mm pole gap
    • water cooling for power-on time of several minutes
  • Manual 2-pillar laboratory press PW 10 S:
    • maximum pressing force: 130 kN
    • additional manometer for reproducible lower pressing forces
    • heatable pressing tool up to 300 °C and Ø 8 mm
    • specially made pressing tools in different sizesclassification by cyclone or classifying wheel