Laboratory equipment

For the mechanical comminution and classification of solid materials a number of different machines are available for various purposes. They can be used for fundamental studies or as part of process chains and are also applied for sample preparation prior to material analysis.

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Jaw Crusher




Areas of application:

Pre-crushing of very hard, hard, medium-hard, brittle materials, and abrasive materials; metal-free grinding is possible


Min. feed quantity: 20 ml


Max. throughput: 140 kg/h


Max. feed size: approx. 60 mm


Final fineness: 1 – 15 mm

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Speed Rotor Mill



Areas of application:

Fine grinding of soft, medium-hard, brittle, fibrous, and temperature-sensitive materials


Min. feed quantity: 10 ml


Max. throughput: 5 l/h


Max. feed size: approx. 10 mm


Final fineness: 0,08 – 6 mm

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Cutting Mill Combination with Cyclone Separator


PULVERISETTE 25/19, Fritsch

Areas of application:

One or two stage cutting of soft, medium-hard, brittle, tough, and fibrous materials


Max. throughput: 60 l/h


Max. feed size: approx. 120 x 85 mm


Final fineness: 0,2 – 10 mm

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Planetary Ball Mill



Areas of application:

Finest grinding of hard, medium-hard, soft, brittle, tough, and moist materials as well as mechanical alloying, mixing, and homogenisation


Feed quantity: 10 – 225 ml


Max. feed size: approx. 10 mm


Final fineness: < 1 µm (wet grinding)

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Mixer Mill


MM 400, Retsch

Areas of application:

Dry, wet or cryogenic milling of hard, medium-hard, soft, brittle, elastic, and fibrous materials as well as mixing and homogenisation


Max. feed quantity: 2 x 20 ml


Max. feed size: approx. 8 mm


Final fineness: approx. 5 µm

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Cryogenic Mill


6870D Freezer/Mill®, SPEX® SamplePrep

Areas of application:

Grinding and pulverisation of soft, flexible, tough, elastic, and temperature-sensitive materials


Grinding temperature: -196 °C (liquid nitrogen)


Feed quantity: 0,1 – 200 g


Max. feed size: approx. 25 mm


Final fineness: depending on grinding time and material

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Vibratory Sieve Shaker


AS 300 control, Retsch

Areas of application:

Separation, fractioning, and particle size determination of powders, bulk materials, and suspensions


Max. feed quantity: 6 kg


Max. sieve diameter: 315 mm


Max. number of fractions: 9 or 17


Mesh range: 20 µm – 40 mm

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Optical Particle Size Analysis


CAMSIZER®, Retsch Technology

Areas of application:

Optical determination of particle size and particle shape distributions of powders, granulates and bulk materials


Feed material: dry and free-flowing


Range of measurement: 30 µm – 30 mm

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Rotating Sample Divider


PT 100, Retsch

Areas of application:

Representative sampling and sample reduction of bulk materials


Max. feed quantity: 5000 ml


Max. feed size: 10 mm


Number of partial quantities: 8