Mario Schüssler

Mario Schüssler, Apprenticeships at Fraunhofer IWKS
Mario Schüssler, Apprenticeships at Fraunhofer IWKS

My name is Mario Schüssler and I have been an apprentice for office management at Fraunhofer IWKS since August 1, 2017.

I have been wearing hearing aids since my childhood due to a hearing impairment. However, I don't see my hearing aids as a handicap, but openly deal with my impairment. In addition, I am lucky enough to attend a school that specializes in hearing aids. There I have completed my secondary education and am currently allowed to attend vocational school twice a week.

During my interview with Fraunhofer IWKS, I was impressed by the openness, tolerance and leadership of the company towards me and my impairment. I have set my two elective qualifications in the areas "Commercial processes in small and medium-sized companies" and "Human Resources". However, until I register for the oral examination, I can still decide between all my elective qualifications.

During my education, I spend several months in all of the company's commercial departments and over time am allowed to take on more and more responsibility. I am particularly happy to have a competent, friendly and caring trainer who challenges and encourages me and supports me in all challenges. In general, all my colleagues are very nice and teach me many new things. That's why I advise new applicants to be willing to learn, to be curious, to organise themselves and to take care to integrate well.

I think it's great to work for an employer like Fraunhofer that researches and develops in all areas. It makes me feel like I'm part of a company that does our society a great service and my work, which I do, is important. After one and a half years, I can say with certainty that I have found the right training place. I am looking forward to the rest of my training as well as to the challenges and tasks I have been given.

Project Management and Controlling:

The Project Management and Controlling department is responsible for commercial Project Management as well as planning, controlling and monitoring all areas of the company. The operating costs are borne by acquired projects (industrial customers and public clients), whereby the department checks the offers and releases them for dispatch. The individual projects are calculated, monitored, evaluated and the data displayed graphically with the support of the trainees. In addition, the trainees support the invoicing of customers and check incoming payments.

Purchasing and accounting are handled as one department in the Project Group. It is responsible for ordering and paying for the necessary materials, services or investments for the employees. The apprentice learn how to write orders, enter invoices, manage cash registers and check bank accounts. Scanning and proper filing of documents are also important in the department.

Reception/internal service:

Reception is responsible for the registration and handling of customers and is the internal contact for employees when it comes to catering conference rooms, organising the vehicle fleet and procuring office materials. These tasks are also performed by the trainees during their time at the reception desk.

Marketing and Communication:

The task of the marketing department is basically to present the company to the outside world. In addition, all press tasks are carried out here, and employees are supported in presentations, trade fairs and events. The trainees are responsible for maintaining the internet and intranet, creating social media contributions, working with the CRM tool and graphic and design work. Trainees also do their own projects here, such as the design and content of this trainee website.

The personnel department is responsible for personnel support, personnel development and recruitment of the company. The trainees record leave and illness and process the personnel files and training measures. In addition, the individual personnel concerns of the employees must also be dealt with.

The travel department is responsible for accounting and processing the business trips of employees. Support with travel accounting as well as filing and scanning business trips (quality control) is the task of the trainees.

The secretariat books the travel means (flight, train, hotel, etc.) for the business trips of the employees. In addition, meeting rooms are booked here, appointments are made with external customers and other employee concerns are dealt with. These tasks are also performed by the trainees during their time in the secretariat.