Collaborative projects

Get involved in one of our collaborative projects

The Fraunhofer IWKS has made it its business to create and expand scientific knowledge with application-oriented research and to transfer it to industry.

One way of working with Fraunhofer IWKS is to participate in collaborative projects. In these projects, several partners from industry and business cooperate with our institute and, if necessary, with other institutes. Financing is provided by the partners, and we take over the organization, management, implementation and reporting of the projects, in close coordination with you as the partner.

What are the advantages of an industrial collaborative project?

  • Projects are realized cost-efficiently, since the expenses are borne jointly.
  • Close cooperation promotes and strengthens networks between partners.
  • The joint view beyond one's own specialist boundaries leads to holistic project results. At the same time, the cooperation enriches the qualifications of the employees.

The results as well as all information on partners and projects exchanged within the project are confidential and subject to secrecy.

Planned collaborative projects


Medical Technology

Sustainable solutions for the take-back, recovery and recycling of single-use medical instruments, high-value packaging and other clinical waste with high resource potential.