Life Cycle Costing Analysis

For sustainable corporate development, products must be profitable in the long term. Especially the introduction of new products and processes requires an early estimation of costs along the entire life cycle. Fraunhofer IWKS offers you a process-oriented life cycle cost analysis (LCC), with which complex supply chains can be described in an industry-specific and sector-independent manner. This results in multiple added value for costumers:

  • Due to a uniform and transparent structure within the created model, cost-causing factors can be traced down to the process level.
  • The results of the analysis are aggregated at decision level, so that strategic recommendations for action can be made.
  • Thus, hot spots on different levels (processes, cost types, life cycle phases) can be identified and estimates for the economic efficiency of different alternatives can be given.

Integrated solutions are developed according to customers` requirements and questions. The researchers at Fraunhofer IWKS achieve this through close interfaces with life cycle assessment, with the technology experts of the specialist departments and their partners.