Lili Zheng

Lili Zheng, Apprenticeships at Fraunhofer IWKS
Lili Zheng, Apprenticeships at Fraunhofer IWKS

My name is Lili Zheng and since August 1, 2018 I have been completing my training at Fraunhofer IWKS. As a trainee in the field of office management, with a focus on marketing communication, my tasks are very varied and you need a lot of creativity.

The field of marketing communication has fascinated me ever since I first started working on corporate design at school. In the course of my education I had several points of contact in this area. At the vocational grammar school I took the subject of technical science as a basic and advanced course. This allowed me to work on several projects that we realized in small teams. I was able to specify my career aspirations more precisely and gain my first practical experience.Not only my fascination for marketing is the decisive reason for my application to Fraunhofer IWKS, but also my moral concepts. Resource scarcity and sustainability are central issues in today's society. At Fraunhofer IWKS, researchers are working on new concepts for the sustainable use of resources from residual materials. One day I would like to do marketing for these topics. Therefore, I am very pleased to have contributed to this already after a short time.

By designing flyers, posters, theme brochures and presentations, I have so far learned how to implement Fraunhofer corporate design. Independent learning and information acquisition play an important role here. One should have a good knowledge of technical applications such as social media and everything that has moved within the framework of marketing. You also need a certain amount of self-confidence and should have fun interacting with people.

My conclusion: The training at Fraunhofer IWKS does not overwhelm me. You quickly get the opportunity to prove your skills and the work is appreciated. The working atmosphere is very pleasant and you can always count on support. I'm looking forward to the next few years of training.

As in all areas of marketing, it is very important in online marketing to set goals and have an understanding of what can and should be achieved with the activities in online marketing. My tasks are in the area of online marketing:

  •   The increase of the company awareness level
  •   The acquisition of new customers through the support of the sales department
  •   Customer loyalty, for example through the creation of newsletters
  •   Maintenance of social media channels
  •   The constant search engine optimization (SEO)
  •   Updating the website and intranet                 
  •   The creation of graphics and presentations
  •   The tracking for lead generation

Product marketing involves the implementation of communication measures. I work on:

  •   The design of print products (e.g. flyers, posters, theme brochures, business cards)
  •   Exhibition media (e.g. exhibition stands)
  •   The creation of graphics
  •   The creation of presentations
  •   Advertising materials (e.g. give-aways)

Public relations serves to shape and influence the external impact of companies and organisations through targeted communication. I work in the field of PR:

  •     The creation of posts for social media
  •     The organisation of press events
  •     Writing texts for a wide variety of target group and media
  •     Maintaining press contacts and distribution lists
  •     Search for topic determination
  •     Collaboration in the conception of an editorial plan

The main tasks in the field of eventmanagement is:

  •     Conception, planning and budgeting of trade fairs
  •     Implementation of all event measures (Bugedt, timing and objectives)
  •     Support and control of event partners
  •     Create the flow and direction plans
  •     The support of the events directly on site

Customer loyalty is a central factor in field marketing. I work in this area:

  •     The contact conversion (generate leads)
  •     Information and support for existing customers
  •     CRM maintenance
  •     The postprocessing of customer data

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