Marius Link

My name is Marius Link and I have been an apprentice at Fraunhofer IWKS since September 1, 2017. I am 19 years old and am completing my training as an office management clerk. I think training is the basis for a successful professional future. That's why I applied to a well-known company like Fraunhofer. Over the next 3 years, I will now work in the following areas: Reception, Marketing, Secretariat, Travel, Purchasing, Controlling and Human Resources. In addition, there is the possibility of shortening to 2.5 years.


The Education process at a glance

Fraunhofer IWKS consists of two sites, the Bavarian Alzenau and the Hessian Hanau, whereby the location Alzenau consists of two parts. The administration building and the laboratory building. Furthermore, two departments of Fraunhofer IWKS are located in the Nukem halls. After the completion of the new building in Brentanostrasse, which is expected to be in 2019, these departments will also move into their own research building. Construction is also underway in Hanau. The new building there is also expected to be completed in 2019. At the moment, however, they are still located in the industrial park Wolfgang on the premises of Umicore.


What does this mean for the education?

Since the majority of the administration is located in Alzenau, I am also mainly active here. In the first week I was shown the premises and the laboratories, which was very interesting. In order to get an overview of the work of Fraunhofer IWKS, I then spent two weeks each in the various administrative departments. After I had gone through all departments once and could thus get an initial overview, a time began in which I was to get to know each department and its main areas of work for a longer period of time.


Company, vocational school and salary

The education as a clerk for office management is a classic dual training. This means that the training takes place in the company and at the vocational school. I spend two days a week at school and the remaining three days a week at the company. The average earnings according to are 760€ in the first apprenticeship year, 810€ in the second and 860€ in the third. This means that the training salary at Fraunhofer is above average. The training for office management clerks has developed from the three training occupations office clerk, office communication clerk and office communication specialist and has been completely restructured accordingly. I am currently in the Marketing and Press Department, where I am learning how to use information media, such as the website, in line with my training plan and the specifications it contains.

In this register, I am going to describe the main areas of work of the departments that I am going to go through during my training.


Controlling tasks

  •     Calculation and project systems
  •     Project monitoring, evaluation and controlling
  •     Controlling at the level of organizational units/departments
  •     Monthly reporting and yield monitoring

Purchasing department

  • Ordering materials, services and investments
  • Cash management and checking the bank account
  • Posting and processing incoming invoices
  • Filing and scanning of invoices

Tasks at reception

  •     Ordering materials, services and investments
  •     Cash management and checking the bank account
  •     Posting and processing incoming invoices
  •     Filing and scanning of invoices

What to do in Marketing and PR

  • Creation of newsletters, press articles, posters, flyers and brochures
  • Development, maintenance and support of the Internet and Intranet
  • Creation of Facebook posts and other social media channels
  • Establishing contacts for press releases / press work
  • Working with the CRM Tool
  • Design of print media
  • Responsible for presentations
  • Graphic and design work
  • Customer care
  • Supervision of media representatives
  • Strategy development
  • Fairs & Events

Tasks of the human resources

Personnel support

  •     personnel requirement planning
  •     Preparation of employment contracts
  •     Responsible for all social matters such as holidays, illness, etc.
  •     Regulation of remuneration
  •     Execution of transfers, higher groupings, notices of termination
  •     Issue of certificates of employment
  •     Monitoring workers' rights  

Human resources development

  •     Strategic elaboration of training needs
  •     Support in the choice and implementation of professional and often personal development measures for employees
  •     Controlling of the further education budget
  •     Organisation and implementation of further training measures


  •     Maintenance of the applicant system
  •     Selection support
  •     Preparation and accompaniment of the interviews
  •     Preparation for hiring
  •     job advertisements

Tasks of the department

  •     Travel accounting for domestic trips of one or more days
  •     Preparation of trips abroad for the central administration
  •     Filing and scanning of business trips

Tasks of the secretariat

  •     Travel expense booking for business trips
  •     Registration for events, trade fairs or congresses
  •     Booking of workspaces for internal meetings
  •     Appointments after arrangement, with external customers
  •     Ordering office supplies
  •     Checking invoices
  •     Administration of office keys
  •     Representation in the field of reception and catering
  •     Coordination office for location-based servic