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Fraunhofer lighthouse project: »Critical rare earths«

Mobility would be at a standstill without electric motors and their powerful permanent magnets. These owe their useful magnetic properties to the chemical elements neodymium and dysprosium, which belong to the group of rare earths. Sometimes called critical raw materials, nobody is sure whether the supply of rare earths will hold out in the medium and long term. But ensuring that these raw materials remain available on the world market is far from easy, and prices have been rising steadily for years. One of the factors affecting the expansion of emerging technologies is having these prized resources available in sufficient quantities. This is why Fraunhofer researchers in the »critical rare earths« lighthouse project are working on technologies to process rare earths more efficiently, reuse them or to find suitable substitutes.

German Phosphorus Platform

The German Phosphorus Platform intends to bring together the knowledge and experience of participants from relevant industries, public and private organisations and from research and development facilities with the objective of achieving the sustainable use of the valuable vital substance phosphorus.