Criticality studies

Assessing the criticality of raw materials

Past, current and future resource mobilization from the biosphere into the technosphere requires new valuation methods.

Our comprehensive criticality assessments of raw materials, both at global and individual company level, include not only numeric indicators but also expert assessments from internationally renowned specialists.

Criticality analyses ensure a better comparability and more transparency among complex and dynamic systems. They provide a strategic decision-making basis for upcoming raw materials policies.

Criticality studies must be based on a multi-disciplinary approach, which should include geographical, as well as economic-political and techno-economic analyses. This concept comprises the following indicators:

  • Geological availability
  • Geopolitical parameters
  • Economic development
  • Functionality
  • Environmental parameters
  • Recycling
  • Immobilisation
  • Dissipation
  • Substitution

Criticality assessments can also be complemented by company-specific market research and benchmarking by request.


Exemplary Studies

Study on the use of the critical material molybdenum taking the interests of ESM into account

Study on the use of the critical material cobalt taking the interests of ESM into account