Material Flow Management

Criticality studies, Materials flow analysis, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Resource Management, Market and feasibility studies

Material Flow Management

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"Waste is merely raw material in the wrong place.“

Against this background, the division Resource Strategies and Criticality Studies of Fraunhofer IWKS develops innovative, national, global and company-specific material flow, waste, and resource management concepts.

We work in close cooperation with one of our Research Directors, Prof. Dr. Armin Reller, to assess the economic, environmental, geopolitical and sociocultural requirements needed for the development of strategies and measures for the future supply and use of raw materials.

Our common goals

The aim of our activities is the systematic evaluation of material flows, processes and technologies, in order to create sustainable resource management concepts that improve the resource efficiency in your business.

We pursue a cross-sectoral strategy and work both for large-scale enterprises and SMEs, as well as for key business and political actors.

Our services

  • Criticality studies
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Resource management  

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