Thermo-optical measuring device

Thermo-optical measuring device (TOM)


  • Investigation of versatile materials (e. g. printed circuit boards, slags, magnets)
  • Different sample geometries, sample diameter up to 40 mm possible



  • In-situ observation of:
    • sample height and width in µm scale at positions defined by the operator
    • sample area
    • sintering and warping
    • high temperature reactions
    • mass change


Customized solutions:

  • Investigation of components concerning corrosion, stability and flow behavior under user-defined atmospheric conditions  


Technical equipment: 


  • High-temperature measuring furnace up to 2000 °C
  • Measurements under controlled atmosphere: vacuum up to 10-3 mbar (depending on sample and temperature range) or inert gas atmosphere
  • Two gas connections for atmosphere mix