UV-VIS spectroscopy

UV-VIS spectroscopy


  • Inorganic/ organic materials, liquids, solids, composites, semiconductors, thin layers etc.
  • Specimen geometry: powdery, compact samples, pastes
  • Required sample amount: a few mg or ml


Target quantity/ application:

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of UV-VIS active solutions
  • Qualitative analysis via element-specific spectra or via bonding-specific spectra for structural clarification
  • Quantitative analysis via measurement of concentration dependent emissions and absorptions of analyte solutions and comparison with calibration standards
  • Monitoring of kinetics of reactions taking place within fractions of a second
  • Measurement of diffuse transmission or reflection of liquids, solids and pastes


Technical equipment:

UV-VIS spectral photometer Cary 100 (Agilent Technologies)

  • Dual beam spectral photometer with chopper as beam splitter
  • Wavelength range: 190 - 900 nm
  • Absorption range over 4.0 abs.
  • Wavelength accuracy and reproducibility: 0.02 at 656,1 nm / 0.008
  • Internal Ulbricht sphere made from spectralon (diameter 70 mm) with powder cell and cuvette holder