3D Atomprobe Tomography (3D-APT)


  • organic and inorganic materials, composites, semiconductors, powders or compact samples, thin-film structures
  • sample requirements: solid, non-volatile, conducting, semiconducting, non-conducting
  • required amount of sample: (below) few milligrams  



  • 3-dimensional investigation of the composition of nanoscale structures with atomic resolution
  • Grain boundaries and interfaces  (i.e. Nd2Fe14B permanent magnets)
  • Diffusion profiles in doped semiconductors, abruptness and roughness of interfaces 
  • Quantitative Element specific microstructure with high sensitivity


Technical details and experimental setup: 


  • Sensitivity of ~ 5 ppm  (depends on the size of the sample and the resulting dataset)
  • Laser desorption for the analysis of non- or semi-conducting materials (355 nm wavelength, <10 ps pulsing, up to 250 kHz repetition rate)
  • Reflectron time of flight mass spectrometry setup offers highest mass resolving power
  • Sample preparation by focused ion beam lift out with state of the art FIB-Microscope (XB-540, Carl-Zeiss)