ICP optical emission spectroscopy

ICP optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES)


  • Aqueous solutions (min. 5 - 10 ml, salt content max. 3%)
  • Solid inorganic or organic materials after digestion (e.g. microwave digestion, acid digestion)
  • easurement of cations and metals possible
  • Measurable elements (see PSE)


Target quantity/ application:

  • Simultaneous multi-element analysis of the target elements
  • Qualitative and quantitative determination
  • Purity determination
  • Quality control
  • Limit of detection depending on element and matrix between 1 µg/l and 1mg/l


Technical equipment:

ICP spectrometer: Optima 8300 (PerkinElmer)

  • Autosampler with more than 150 positions
  • Microwave digester: Turbo WAVE (MLS GmbH)
  • Digestion at up to 300°C and 199 bar in microwave autoclave
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