Modern mobility, in automotive applications, shipbuilding, or aviation rely on extremely light construction. At the same time mobility requires high mechanical strength. With our RTM plant (RTM for Resin Transfer Molding) we able to produce 3-dimensional light weight parts with multilayer structure consisting of a polyurethane core and surface layers of fiber composite. By using special tools in the generation of relief surface structures can be realized, e. g. for efficiency enhancement of wind turbines, cars, ships and airplanes. The potential of our equipment ranges from investigation of suitability and optimization of starting materials for the production of polyurethane core parts and coatings up to process analysis. Furthermore alternative materials such as bio-based starting materials for the polyurethane production and fibers for the generation of layers can be tested during the part production.


Research focus


Various possible combinations of different fibers (CF, GF, NF) and core materials (plastic foams, balsa, etc.) for the production of stable sandwich structures

Production of large Parts with dimensions up to 1900 x 1500 mm2

Individual component geometries

Imprinted bionic structures (such as shark skin)

Optimization of processes