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Deutsche Phosphor Plattform - German Phosporus Platform DPP

Fraunhofer IWKS investigates innovative particle systems for the adsorption of phosphorus from industrial and communal waste waters. Furthermore, solvation and precipitation methods for phosphorus, zinc and other elements are being optimized and prepared for larger-scale application.

This technology aims to make large extents of these finite resources accesible and simultaneously reduce the amount of chemicals applied as far as possible. It is one goal to follow and recognize the phosphorus value chain from mining to disposal in order to develop alternative concepts for an efficient, circular use instead.

Fraunhofer IWKS positions its deleopments, technologies and results amongst the diverse partners  of the registerted union DPP e.V.. The network stimulates exchange, new research and business cooperations, as well as strategic discussions. DPP e.V. provides the expertise necessary for realizing an industral scale application of the technology enabling phosphorus circular economy .

Fraunhofer IWKS therefore participates in a sustainable use and safe supply of this important resource. The German Phosphorus Platform DPP e.V. also acts as a political representative for stakeholders in phosphorus management also on international levels.

It is the DPP's declared goal to establish a sustainable phosphorus management by the following measures:

  • network for stakeholders from industry, agriculture, science and public sectors
  • organisation of meetings, seminars and workshop on P-related topics
  • initiation of research, development and technology transfer projects
  • distribution of knowledge and specific experience with sustainable phosphorus management
  • generation of interdisciplinary understanding of the system