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Regional networking for an efficitent use of resources – Ressourcen-Cluster Rhein-Main

One of the most relevant challenges businesses face today is the responsible and sustainable use of energy and raw materials for production and services. Resource efficient processes require technological innovation, their implementation in future economies is an urgent task for maintaining both economical and environmental stability. Requirements to meet this challenge are exchange of know-how and the pooling of competencies in joint, local innovations. To meet these requirements is the main task of the Ressourcen-Cluster Rhein-Main initiated by Fraunhofer IWKS. The cluster organizes meetings, workshops, field research projects and helps to stimulate innovations for processing businesses and related service sectors.

Partners from any industrial business (chemistry, metal, consumer goods), service or political institutions with relation to the Rhine-Main region are invited to participate.

You can steer the focus of Ressourcen-Cluster Rhein-Main by participating in our survey: in German.

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Ressourcen-Cluster Rhein-Main


The Rhine-Main region is among the most influential European metropolitan areas concercning economic and scientific aspects. However, for the processing industry about 45% of production cost originate in (raw) materials ahead of personnel cost. Thus, it is not only of environmental and strategic but also of economic interest to establish a responsible and efficient use resources pushing towards a circular economy.

The network Ressourcen-Cluster Rhein-Main was inaugurated in July 2016 by Fraunhofer IWKS in Hanau. It brings together stakeholders from small and medium-sized businesses, politics, associations and wider society.