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Environmental Technology in Hessen: Kompetenz Netzwerk UmweltTechnologie KNUT (Mittelhessen)

The cluster bundles know-how from environtmental technology businesses and academic research. Fraunhofer IWKS' bridges these two fields with applied research and development. It is thus a valuable partner for the regional cluster KNUT e.V.. Its target goals were formulated as :

  • support and strengthening of Hesse's economic and scientific excellence
  • increase of the production efficiency and added value along with environmental and resource protection
  • analysis of environmentally relevant material throughput (energy, air, water, waste) and creation of saving potentials by process-integrated measures
  • integrated evaluation of potentials
  • mobilization of unused potentials in businesses
  • efficient handling of current and future resources
  • protection of environment, human and finances
  • keep up to the state of research by incorporating scientific institutions and environmental technology businesses

Fraunhofer IWKS joined the KNUT network in order to co-develop innovative solutions for resource protection via technological, economical, scientific and environmental innovations and implement those to industrial application with local businesses.