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Cluster Neue Werkstoffe: new functional materials


Cluster Neue Werkstoffe connects businesses and research, initiates collaborative research projects and involves regional partners. Fraunhofer IWKS participates in the working groups on new functional materials and user-specific questions. For us an active exchange of information and experience with all partners is essential.

The following working groups are operated by Cluster Neue Werkstoffe

  • metallic lightweight design
  • polymer properties and processes
  • fibre composite materials
  • materials for large-area processed electronics
  • technical ceramics and glasses - additive manufacturing
  • technical textiles
  • functionalized surfaces  

Fraunhofer IWKS holds expericence with fibre composites (Biogenic Systems), materials for large-area processed electronics (Fraunhofer Applied Research Center for Resource Efficiency), technical ceramics and glasses  (Fraunhofer Institute ISC) and functionalized surfaces (Materials Technology and Separation and Sorting Technologies).

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Stauber, Managing Director of Fraunhofer IWKS, was nominated spokesperson to the cluster and member of the cluster's council.