Conference  /  03/23/2020  -  03/24/2020

ICRC Conference

The aim of the event is to discuss current developments in resource chemistry.

In times of increasing pressure on industry and politics with respect to environmental protection and climate change, material sciences and chemistry have to join forces to provide answers to some of the world‘s most challenging technological tasks. Under the aspect to secure and provide indispensable materials in a limited environ-ment, this  conference will specifically focus on applied resource chemistry and new recycling technologies.

The conference aims to cover a wide range of research areas, from the substitution of critical elements, to the development of sustainable materials, and the establishment of efficient material life cycles.

This unique conference will tackle these challenges and bring together scientists and experts from various fields such as resource & green chemistry, biology, environmental science & technology, as well as material sciences.


Sponsors and Partners:

GDCh, Department of Solid State Chemistry and Materials Research; TU Darmstadt, PMP - Profile Area From Material to Product Innovation; Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids